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Find a Personal Trainer

Recently Fit4Life® presented a two part series on how to select a Certified Personal Trainer. This is a critical decision on your part and Fit4Life® is here to help you. Whether you are looking for a Certified Personal Trainer or you are a Certified Personal Trainer, you can use our search engine to make the connection that will change your life. Cardio, Yoga, Strength, Nutrition and many other facets of Fitness, Health and Wellness are all categories that a Certified Personal Trainer can assist you with. If you are looking for a Certified Personal Trainer please use our contact form to send your request and you will be matched with a Certified Personal Trainer in your area. Certified Personal Trainers can register with Fit4Life® to be included in our global database. Please use our profile form to send your profile and credentials for review. For...

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Personal Trainer Part 2: How to select a Personal Trainer (5 Key Focus Points)

Because a Personal Trainer is a professional that you are hiring and paying to be your partner in helping you reach your goals, you should maximize your investment and get the best returns possible. For that reason, here are 5 key points to consider when finding your personal trainer: Certifications and Credentials: A professional personal trainer should have done the work to become certified by a governing body in this field. In addition, a degree from a college or university will strengthen the personal trainer’s knowledge base. Always check to confirm the personal trainer you are interviewing has certifications. Below are examples of organizations that can offer information and/or can help you locate a personal trainer: National Strength & Conditioning Association: American Council on Exercise (ACE): IDEA Health and Fitness Association:  American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)  Aerobics & Fitness Association of...

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Personal Trainer Part 1: Benefits of a Personal Trainer

Some fitness enthusiasts have their own plan and can stick to it, others need some guidance and motivation. In either case and across the spectrum, anyone can benefit from having a good and preferably certified Personal Trainer assisting them in reaching their goals. Here are 5 of the key benefits of having a Personal Trainer: A Personal Trainer can fine tune your technique and strategy to help you achieve your goals. A Personal Trainer offers a motivating voice to push you harder and keep you on track during your training sessions. You can learn tips that you otherwise might not know to help you reach your goals. You have an expert in the field right there for you to ask questions and receive advice and direction. Results!!! If you have a good Personal Trainer they will help you track your progress and make adjustments as...

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