Personal Trainer Part 2: How to select a Personal Trainer (5 Key Focus Points)

Because a Personal Trainer is a professional that you are hiring and paying to be your partner in helping you reach your goals, you should maximize your investment and get the best returns possible. For that reason, here are 5 key points to consider when finding your personal trainer:

  1. Certifications and Credentials: A professional personal trainer should have done the work to become certified by a governing body in this field. In addition, a degree from a college or university will strengthen the personal trainer’s knowledge base. Always check to confirm the personal trainer you are interviewing has certifications. Below are examples of organizations that can offer information and/or can help you locate a personal trainer:
  2. Association with a Gym/Fitness group: In addition to certifications and credentials, you can seek out a personal trainer who is affiliated with and works at the gym where you train. It is still important to do your homework but the good news is these trainers are easy to access and evaluate.
  3. Price: Take the time to learn how and what your prospective personal trainer charges and how that translates to the services they provide. Some focus on specific areas and others offer a wider scope of service but always make sure you know what they charge and that it fits your budget and goals. Its a good idea to give the prospective personal trainer a trial run before you commit.
  4. Ask for recommendations and references: Make sure the personal trainer you select brings a solid reputation for results and success. This is especially important if they require you to sign an agreement or contract. Ask how they work with you, do they document and track to show progress, what do their prior clients have to say good and bad. Then make your decision.
  5. Availability and flexibility: Make sure your personal trainer is local if possible and available to work within your busy schedule. Let them know what days and times you want to meet and verify they can commit and arrive on time ready to help you reach your goals.

Remember, a great personal trainer has a track record of results and meets your unique criteria so be sure to take the steps to evaluate in depth before you agree to hire one.

Finally a closing word from Fit4Life®: “Your Body can give out on you, your Mind can let you down but always remember, your Spirit will always carry you to the next level.”

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