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Recently Fit4Life® presented a two part series on how to select a Certified Personal Trainer. This is a critical decision on your part and Fit4Life® is here to help you. Whether you are looking for a Certified Personal Trainer or you are a Certified Personal Trainer, you can use our search engine to make the connection that will change your life. Cardio, Yoga, Strength, Nutrition and many other facets of Fitness, Health and Wellness are all categories that a Certified Personal Trainer can assist you with.

If you are looking for a Certified Personal Trainer please use our contact form to send your request and you will be matched with a Certified Personal Trainer in your area.

Certified Personal Trainers can register with Fit4Life® to be included in our global database. Please use our profile form to send your profile and credentials for review.

For your convenience, please input your location information and your interests below to use out auto database search to locate Certified Personal Trainers in your area.

It is critical that you validate your Certified Personal Trainer to ensure their credentials match your requirements. Ask for references if needed. Please also rate your experience with your selected Certified Personal Trainer.

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