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Here you will find links to many powerful resources to enhance your life by focusing on your attitude, outlook, and perspective about yourself and how you see your world.

Cardio for Fitness by Fit4Life®

Cardio for Fitness by Fit4Life® Ride a Bike, Go for a Jog, Take a Swim, Walk a mile!! Any activity that increases your heart rate will provide great benefits. The focus is on using your body as a tool to enhance your overall fitness and help you to live a long happy life. Fitness is not a series of tasks, it is a Journey, Take the initiative to start your Fitness Journey today!! Some of the benefits are: Strengthen your Heart and Muscles Improve Circulation Lose Weight Increase Strength and Stamina Stimulate your Brain Have Fun!! Stay Focused on Fitness and BE Fit4Life® Copyright 2017, Fit4Life®...

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Free Weights vs. Machines

Have you ever been halfway through your workout, pushing hard on the Smith machine, and wondered if what you are doing is really the most effective way to achieve your goals? Would you be better off using free weights to perform your squats? Both forms of equipment have some benefits and some drawbacks; the key is to figure out which one is right for you. machines When you walk into a gym, the first pieces of equipment you usually see are numerous stations set up to work each muscle in your body. You sit on, stand at or lie in weight machines, and let them guide your body through the movement while they provide resistance; all you need to do is push or pull. Machines are great for beginners because they don’t have much of an intimidation factor. You can easily select a weight that...

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